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Published: 10th March 2011
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Bag filters are employed for collection of dry free-flowing dust. normally dust from the dust-laden air that enters by suction or positive pressure into the hopper. When this flows across the filtering media , the dust is retained on the filter element and the clean air passes through. The bags are frequently cleaned by Reverse Pulse Jet type method after a certain time period. Bag filter are manufactured according to various filtering purposes. These are manufactured of glass fiber or synthetic fiber.

Bag Filters characteristics:-

1- Bag filters are appropriate for mostly all types of air pollutants having particle size less than five microns.

2- Bag filters have Reverse jet type cleaning system, which ensures maximum cleaning capability during work.

3- Bag filters are desirable for fixing with nut-bolts or welding also.

Types of Bag Filters:- Bag filters are of two forms

1-Coarse Mesh Filters:-

Coarse Mesh Bag Filters are also used as primary filters. These are employed in storage room,warehouses, where the requirement of indoor air is less demanding. Coarse Mesh Bag Filters are manufactured of synthetic material are also employed in multi-stage filtering system.It is classified as follows;

G3 Synthetic Bag Filter-

Bag Filters of this classification are recommended for high performance pre filter or low effectivity secondary filters for all sensitive indoor climates. Bag Filters of these designs are used in hospitals and the food industry where non-glass filters are preferred. These are self-supporting bag filters, uniquely adequate for high humidity and heavy dust collection.

G4 Synthetic Bag Filter-

Bag Filters of this category are often used in those building where non-glass filters are desirable. These are mostly used in building ventilation,hospitals and food production. These bag filters are also self-supporting and uniquely proper for high humidity and dust collection. These bag filters are manufactured with exclusive fiberconnecting technology and pocket design. Technology and Design of these bags deliver high-efficiency,high dust holding capacity,low energy consumption and a longer filter life.

Internal Structure:-

The Internal and exterior frames of these bag filters are made of galvanized steel or incinerate plastic. To assure tightness filter pockets are combined to the external frame. Correct opening of the filters pocket is guaranteed by using distance holders sewed on the fabric. So reliable and correct functionality and high dust having capacity is assured. The sewing seams are sealed with hot melt adhesive.

2- Fine Filters-

Bag Filters of this classification are used for a great number of purposes, such as for filtering air supply and exhaust. These bag filters are produced of synthetic or glass fiber material. These bag filters are produced to cleanse of intake and circulation air in air condition systems installed in offices, public premises and industry. It is categorized as follows;

F5 Synthetic Bag Filter-

Bag Filters of this variety produce a specially recommended high performance secondary filter for all sensitive indoor climates. These are self-supporting bag filter , uniquely ideal for high moisture and dust collection. F5 Synthetic Bag Filters are also produced with exclusive fiber connecting technology and pocket design, which provide high initial efficiency and high dust keeping capability.

F6 Synthetic Bag Filter

Bag Filters of this class is made of synthetic non woven fiber. These are stitched with special method and offer excellent filter economy,reliable dust control with a low resistance and moisture resistant. F6 Synthetic Bag filters have a rather unique bag kinds to ensure airflow uniformly throughout the entire bag. The efficiency of these bag filters makes a acceptable filter solution for almost any commercial or industrial air handling system.

F7 Synthetic Bag Filter

Bag filters of this variations are Secondary filter design, which has excellent air cleansing and dust holding characteristics and subsequently increases service life. These are made from individually welded pockets of ultra fine multilayered media which has been continuously sealed on a non woven scrim backing media. Design and spacer of these bag filters assures superior technical performance.

F8 Synthetic Bag Filter

Bag Filters of this sort contains multi pockets. These are made of synthetic fiber with special stitch technique. These bag filters offer excellent filtration economy and effective dust control , with a low resistance and humidity resistant.

F6 Glass Fiber bag Filter

F6 Glass Fiber Bag Filters are used in all ventilation and air condition systems. Bag filters of these sorts are made of micro-fiber media which is proven and tested under any conditions. The micro-glass fiber is made of fine glass fiber connected by an adhesive agent.

F7 Glass Fiber Bag Filter-

Bag Filters of this kind are employed to remove dust and all the most harmful big particles from the air.

F8-F9 Glass Fiber Bag Filter

Bag Filters of this category used to remove a notable part of the emission cased by traffic and electrical power production from the air. And also distinguishes efficiently for example cigarette smoke , bacteria as well as particles causing dirt collection and darkening.

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